Understanding Cars

Understanding Cars

16. 8. 2019

Understanding the Bandpass, Vented, Ported, and Sealed Subwoofer Box Types

You may have bought a new subwoofer and know zilch about the available enclosure options. The much maybe you know is the sealed, ported and bandpass subwoofers. Keep reading to know the effectiveness and effects of each one of them.

The smallest of the three subwoofer enclosures is the sealed enclosure. These are best for small cars or sports cars. There are advantages and disadvantages as well. Sealed enclosures are perfect because they do not use up much trunk space. These produce accurate bass but do not have the boom effect, unlike the rest. Since the sealed enclosure is airtight, that is the reason there is no boom effect as no air escapes the box interior. This restriction requires a subwoofer and a powerful amplifier combination. Sealed enclosure subwoofer does not work well with people handling high wattage.

Since the ported or vented enclosure is large it needs more space. Your solution can be this ported enclosures if space is not your concern. The ported design is determined by the vent to enable air to move freely. Sound moves from the interior to the rear and finally exterior. Ported enclosures have a boom effect, but the bass is not accurate. There is no need for much power from the ported system because the subwoofer can move freely in the airtight box so every sound can be heard.

The largest is the bandpass enclosure. The design in this bandpass is where there are two ports and two main chambers. The subwoofer is placed in the first chamber, and the other one is used for vibration. Its boom effect is good quality, but its bass is also not accurate. Bandpass enclosures use up a lot of the trunk space. Unlike the sealed enclosure, the bandpass enclosures do not use up much power. Make sure the bandpass enclosure is properly installed because if there are any loose fits, they will be heard rattling on the bandpass setup.

When choosing a subwoofer box you should ensure you buy the right MDF and not simple wood. High-quality MDF ensures that your enclosure boxes do not rattle and withstand high temperatures. For external appearance you can get either the vinyl finish or a carpet exterior. Vinyl finish is easier to clean while carpet exterior finish will protect the enclosure from scratches. You may want more than one subwoofer in a box. This is dependent on the money availability and space.

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