The Essentials of Cannabis – Breaking Down the Basics

The Essentials of Cannabis – Breaking Down the Basics

27. 8. 2019

The Cannabis Sensational Shift Into The Edibles Market

After many twists and turns as well as controversies in its use, cannabis has certainly come a long way from mere medical usage for relief of certain ailments or conditions. It was no small feat for those in the marijuana legal market to sell their products from the outset. Today though, with its legalization in certain states, it is experiencing an unprecedented growth, in a field which may not have been initially considered: the food industry.

Some time back, it had already been known that marijuana was effective in the treatment of migraines and even in some nervous disorders. However, cannabis made its debut under a bit of a cloud so that there had been some hesitation in some quarters as to its use, until its intake and consumption became legal in certain states.

With the advent of other methods for delivering marijuana into the body system, such as vaping, sublingual tinctures, and of course, food infusion, there has been an explosion in the use of marijuana products in states where it’s use has been approved by law.

It is expected that the market for marijuana in the food niche will continue to go up, reaching $22 billion in the year 2029. The cannabis experience has undergone a cosmic change, with the entry of products into the market from companies like Planet 13, products that have created a shift in the way marijuana is consumed, and eventually perceived.

The presence of such products is expected to create a shift in the market towards cannabis being now part of the food industry, as concoctions are imagined and created, then tested on the palate of consumers. There is no telling where the integration of cannabis into food will stop, and even now, consumers are titillated by idea of its addition into some favorites like candies and chocolates, baked goods, and even drinks like wine and tea.

Speaking of eating such goodies, one who has never had cannabis should treat the first dose or bite with respect, with due regard to safe enjoyment of such treats. These cannabis eatables vary according to the main ingredient used, which can be pure sativa, or pure indica, a mix of the two, or pure CBD.

Many seem to prefer the infused cookies or brownies, although the chocolate bars and the gummies are also pretty popular, maybe because they seem to be harmless when seen as candy. Waffles have not escaped the trend of cannabis infused bites and have become a popular choice. Almost all of these infused foods are on the sweet side, but for one, which is the beef jerky that comes in either sweet and spicy flavor or the teriyaki one.

For the uninitiated, having a taste of these alluring products can be safely done with a manageable serving, somewhere along half a single adult serving of ten milligrams of an eatable. The dosage recommended can differ according to state laws, but most are at ten, with some at five.

As cannabis infused food items become hot items on the market, cannabis investors are looking to make a promising investment in the now-growing industry.

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