Hands-on tablets for softer water

Hands-on tablets for softer water

4. 5. 2019

Do you have trouble with water quality at home? Does it seem too hard and threatens the life of your household appliances? Looking for a suitable softener that will be gentle and will not have side effects. A plasters that you can use directly into the appliance, or even in a domestic water treatment plant? A tableted regenerating salt can help you significantly in your fight. It is easy to use, just dispense it directly to the dishwasher or washing machine, or to the treatment plant where the entire household water is adjusted. We offer only quality products, especially imported from abroad.
Think economically
Why should you shop often small and expensive packages, if we can offer you a large package that will last for a long time and we will bring them to your home? There is not the only reason why you should waste your time and money on unnecessarily frequent purchases when we offer you free shipping for a large enough purchase. The possibility of ordering online is just the icing on the cake, within a few minutes you have the whole purchase finished and perhaps half a year you do not have to worry about what is happening at home.


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