4. 5. 2019

It was not often that he liked any of the houses, which he also imponed his wife. Of course, they talked about moving into a smaller villa from the moment the two children joined the university. Now that both children have a job and the younger one is looking for a permanent living right now, their plans could take place. In the catalogue of modern housing has just appeared a suspiciously beautiful house with a garden, garages, pergola, outdoor pool and attic.
It has a roof window and balcony, in the catalogue it is written that there are two bedrooms, downstairs kitchen and dining room. It sounds almost like a dream come true, so he prefers to marry a wife and, after having arranged with a broker, would go to the object to look. So far, only non-binding, but perhaps it would be possible for brokers to indicate that they would have a serious interest if the offer were the same as in the catalogue.


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