Beauty Contest!

Beauty Contest!

4. 5. 2019

I like to watch various beauty contests. I'm looking for my favorite, watching how it changes during the competition, I'm a fan of the finals and I follow what he does with the title, how he uses it and how he presents himself, but also this competition. I recently looked at the site of one contest where the ladies compete, which do not measure the top models. I was surprised not only that they do not have a degree of top models, but for everything they are still worthy of strong. What's more, I'd even say they're just fat. I like the trend plus size modeling, but I really don't like it when it promotes obesity. I think that exaggerated leanness, but also exaggerated thickness, is detrimental to health. So when I watched the girls, I thought it would be nice if someone ordered them compulsorily for half a year, when preparations for the final competition were underway, a protein diet. So at least some protein wool.
What do I mean?
I don't think the contestants should lose a furious weight, but I believe that, for example, a ketogenic diet would benefit each one.


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