A place for everyone

A place for everyone

4. 5. 2019

Kurzovní Sporthotel is the hotel according to your tastes! This hotel is the right accommodation in Jesenílek for you, for your acquaintances, colleagues or relatives, just for anyone who loves nature and a pleasant atmosphere in a cozy hotel in the middle of the mountains. Our property rises in the middle of the landscape, where its windows can Majestic transmitter of local mountains.
Rooms according to your Gusta
With us you can choose from three categories of rooms, from comfort, Standard or Turist rooms, which are slightly different and assembled according to the different needs of our clients. We believe, because we will choose a room for everyone and to their liking and use of the given accessories. Take a look at our site to learn a lot of useful information, prices and photos, and even if you are interested, you can make an online booking. Just a few minutes and you have booked a holiday that you can enjoy now.


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