5 Uses For Resources

5 Uses For Resources

16. 8. 2019

Factors that Have Led to After -School Programs for Children

The following is a list of factors that have contributed to after school programs for children.

The performance of the children has led to after-school programs. There are different ways in which children learn. We can categorize children as slow learners and fast learners. The fact that a child is a slow learner doesn’t mean that he is not a good performer it’s just that he needs more time to understand what is being taught. The school has a program which is required to be completed for a period of time and therefore some teachers may not have enough time to cater for your child who is a slow learner they form having an after-school program for your child will help him to grow and understand more of what is being taught in class. The child will be taught different things concerning her grades, for example, they will be taught maths concepts, languages and also how to handle complex problems that they encounter while they are in school.
Children can interact with other kids in after-school programs. Most of the structures in urban areas do not have enough space and are not comfortable for children to play. After school programs that offer children grounds to play a very important because they will help children to interact with other kids. Another thing for after school programs where children can be able to play is that they will have ample time to play which is important for kids growth. After school programs for children to play are very safe for any age of your child because these are facilities that are inspected and well supervised by the owners.

Another important factor that has led to after-school programs is for mentorship purposes. The importance of mentorship is that it helps to equip children with the knowledge and also makes them correct mistakes that they have made in their period of life. The mentorship program enables the children that have been involved in bad behaviors during school or at home to change their ways and can also help them to achieve their goals in terms of grades by giving them studying plans.

Some of the parents of these kids may not have enough information to give their kids about their identity and their culture and therefore having the after school services for children to learn about intercultural skills is very important. Getting to know your culture is very important because it gives you an identity and you will understand where you come from in terms of ethnicity. The after school programs have trained officials and professionals who teach the children about their cultures and different types of cultures which they have not heard from their parents. In the after school programs that children will be able to learn and understand their religion and their cultural groups.

After school programs have been implemented due to family changes. When a family has a single parent it would be very difficult for them to take care of the children because he or she is going up and about to look for finances to fend for his family.

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